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https://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Careers/Pages/Markus-Sonntag.aspx2016-04-30T02:24:48ZMarkus Sonntag

"Bluestar has a high demand for independent working, but successes are always honored and get communicated appropriately in return for the hard work."

​Markus Sonntag: Quality, Health, Safety and Environment Assistant, Germany

Working at Bluestar has been very satisfying to me.  I joined on January 10, 2014.  I find that everybody is involved and has a high level of enthusiasm for solving problems that occur in everyday operations and projects.  I also find that I can create and implement my own ideas within an industrial environment and learn how to act within a management position.

Bluestar has a high demand for independent working, but successes are always honored and get communicated appropriately in return for the hard work. 

I accepted my position at Bluestar because they offered a job that lets me work on my favorite subjects:  quality and quality management.  It is hard to find a job in a quality-related environment if you are starting immediately after attending university.  Bluestar had the perfect opportunity for me to have my first practical experiences as an assistant and which also offers good career opportunities in the future.

Some of the benefits that I have experienced since joining are that supervisors help me when I am struggling to find a solution on my own.  Also, throughout my first year, I have seen improvement in every area of the industrial site (quality, productivity, safety, general procedures).  Additionally, my working conditions in terms of offices are very good and modern.  These all make this a good place to work.

If you are considering working for Bluestar, you should know that the work is both demanding and rewarding.  You can expect to experience all aspects – both the pros and the cons – that result from working for a globally company which has very high diversity of applications and products. 

From my experiences so far, I have learned how to convert theoretical concepts into practical use while judging effort and payback.  One of the most interesting things that I have been a part of is a project in which I had to plan a complete new layout of the plant with a focus on quality, productivity and safety.  It meant that I had to create an overview of the whole quality system run in Lübeck, Germany for a prospective customer and demonstrate my skills in front of important representatives of Bluestar Silicones as well.

I feel that my work has been recognized within the organization through good communication among the team. My main personal achievements are always clearly communicated among the team by supervisors. 

I expect that in the future, I will continue to advance my skills in quality management. In the short term, it will be focused on energy management systems in order to run and advance these systems under my leadership within Germany.

In summary, I have experienced a good culture at Bluestar.  People always help in problem solving and can be proactive in preventing the occurrence of problems and social interactions are always professional and open-minded among the team and the opinion of all parties of interest are heard and included in new projects.