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https://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Careers/Pages/Maria-Grazia-Aiosa-.aspx2016-06-20T16:08:58ZMaria Grazia Aiosa

"Here, you can grow as an individual and develop professionalism in your area of expertise as well as interact with a team of professionals at all levels."

Maria Grazia Aiosa: ​Supply Chain and Logistics Manager, Italy

Working with Bluestar means becoming part of an international context which is broad and diverse. Bluestar is a dynamic and innovative company in the silicon industry, focused on customer needs and caring for safety and environmental friendliness.

In my experience and in the context in which I work, Bluestar is a company that encourages people to grow and acquire more and more professionalism. It is similar to a big family, composed of different cultures who work toward the same goals as a team.

Twenty six years ago, I started to work in this company, then called Rhone Poulenc, when it was still part of the pharmaceutical group. To be employed by a French multinational company was a great opportunity to me, as a first job experience as a chemist. Today, I am glad I chose Bluestar because here I have built my career and learned a lot from the people I met.

There are several benefits that I have seen while working here.  First, even in small branches like Caronno, Italy, the opportunities to build one's own career are plenty. I have had a long career and it was hard to balance work and family at times. Today, I am a member of the management committee and it is a huge success to me.  Second, the international environment involves constant contact with colleagues abroad to share goals and projects, along with different cultures; it is very inspiring.

Last, Bluestar was also a school for me. Here, I have always found the tools to grow professionally, I learned different languages and now I can communicate with my colleagues in Europe and in other worldwide branches.

Based on my experience, I would say to those considering joining our team that Bluestar can be a good career opportunity for you. Here, you can grow as an individual and develop professionalism in your area of expertise as well as interact with a team of professionals at all levels.

I have been fortunate to have experienced job progression. I arrived at Rhone Poulenc as a lab technician in the Vitamin B12 department. I was technician for a few years and after returning from my first maternity leave, I was offered a new job as Ordomanager RTV 2. From that moment on, my career has continued to advance. Today I am branch manager for Supply Chain and work with a team of five people.

Each of my three maternity leaves gave me new work opportunities. Every time, I came back with the spirit of starting from where I left off, remaining positive all the time when the dynamics had changed. I was lucky and I thank the people who helped me.  I think that the passion for my work was the main key to my success, in addition to my strong character. New challenges have always been a source of encouragement to me. Today, my position in the organization makes me the main Italian partner in the Supply Chain field. Furthermore, representing a country is a role of great responsibility.

As part of my growth and development, I have participated in several projects in my career. Perhaps the most exciting was the appointment of the Italian branch as the first in Europe with a traceability system with a bar code for medical device products. Being able to contribute to the realization of the system and work with colleagues on the same project, was very stimulating. Today, the same system is taken as a model by other subsidiaries of the group and Caronno has been a key player continuing to make improvements to the current process.

In spite of my successful career, I do not feel completely appeased. Even today, after so many years, I feel the need to continue to learn and grow. I have the same enthusiasm as when I began my career. My dream has always been to work abroad, although I know that this entails a sacrifice to the family and perhaps may remain a dream. Our Bluestar family grows and thinking about the latest company events, such as our acquisition by Elkem, perhaps new horizons will open up as new job opportunities.

Bluestar exudes professionalism and passion. Everybody has a proactive attitude, we are always looking toward new solutions and we have a strong customer orientation. This makes Bluestar a very dynamic group, led by a highly motivated team of professionals.