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https://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Careers/Pages/Katia-Shiroma.aspx2016-06-20T16:03:01ZKatia Shiroma

"If you are considering working here, I would say that here you could have the chance to do what you like to do."

Katia Shiroma: ​Process, Quality & Analytical Control Laboratory Coordinator, Brazil

I like working for Bluestar Silicones because of the silicon technology.  Also, we have a democratic environment where people can express their opinions without feeling intimidated.

I feel a sense of accomplishment and we are always looking for something new.  I like the optimistic way that we have of facing challenges. Bluestar is a company that gives you opportunities and encourages you to leave your "comfort zone". It´s an excellent company to work for.

I was a part of Rhodia before Bluestar.  What made me want to stay with Bluestar was my passion for silicones and the growth opportunities I could visualize. I saw that the company was making serious investments during the transition and that we would grow. We were not anymore just a business inside of a big chemical group, we were the Core Business from that time.

If you are considering working here, I would say that here you could have the chance to do what you like to do.  I can see in practice the ideas which I contributed and I can see my projects happen in a favorable environment of positive people who display team spirit. I would say also that, here is an excellent place to work where you can realize your dreams, professional and personal.

I have had a good career progression during my employment history:

  • Laboratory Technical,

  • R&D Specialist,

  • Process & Quality Chemical,

  • Process, Quality and Analytical Control Coordinator

When I think about what has made me successful, the first thing that I think is important for a successful career is that you have to like what you do. Chemical's is my passion. Also, I did not get comfortable  in what I was doing; I kept searching for knowledge. I was always very interested in silicon and  this behavior allowed me to be the right person at the right time for advancement and growth.

I would like to share that one of the most interesting tasks I enjoyed was being part of the installation of the effluent treatment plant (Aflusil) and the exchange of the reactor at the emulsion plant. I also like the support I am working on now at Brasilia Project and the people who, in some way, I contributed on formation.

Bluestar has recognized my efforts by continuing to provide me with new challenges and they trust that I am able to contribute toward the company´s continued growth. I feel I can bring value to the company and that people listen to me, allowing me to become a key person they come to for my knowledge and expertise.