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https://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Careers/Pages/Craig-Meglii.aspx2020-03-18T21:38:06ZCraig Meglii

“The best part about working for Elkem Silicones is my team. I work with a great group of people around the world and have made lots of new friends! Plus, I have grown within my job by learning from this great team!”

What stands out most about Elkem is my ability to be creative. The people I work with are constantly open to new ideas and I feel I always have a clean slate for myself. I work in the Finance department and I know there isn't much time for creativity, however, Elkem allows me to express and incorporate my ideas into the work. In addition, our company has a lot to offer; the Human Resources Department works hard to keep all of our departments on the same page. Cross training is another function Elkem Silicones has for their employees – I can compare my relationship with work almost like a marriage. I am dedicated, determined, and willing to grow.

Elkem Silicones intends to keep their employees informed, the people here strive to create a more fulfilled workplace. I've been here for about four years, and I can say I've been utilizing my knowledge to create different perspectives. I am focused on learning more about the company and the needs of operation, so that I can provide information that helps the Company make better business decisions.

The most interesting task I've taken part in is coming up with fixed costs analysis. It is a different approach to share information. I am creating different reports and I am always looking for feedback, what I can change, add and take away.

Right now, my main focus with Elkem Silicones International is to learn more. I know myself, and nobody is perfect. As I make myself better I am making the team better which makes Elkem better.  I am ready to be a hardworking team player and a great communicator.