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https://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Careers/Pages/Christina-Cigol.aspx2016-10-25T01:46:28ZChristina Cigol

"I enjoyed meeting new people, observing the workplace, and seeing how employees communicated with one another."

​Christina Cigol, A Student Shadowing Experience

Christina Cigol spent time this summer at Bluestar Silicones as a student "shadow" from Rider University.  The purpose of the Rider University Shadow Program is to enable students to partner with a professional corresponding with their anticipated career path.  Through this experience, a student begins to build a professional relationship as they gain exposure to day to day tasks.

Christina shares her thoughts on this experience. 

As a senior in college, I realize that my college career is coming to an end and it's time to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life. My major is Communication Studies and I'm unsure about what I want to specialize in. I am a student at Rider University and I chose to shadow the Human Resources Director for Bluestar Silicones this summer. My time with Bluestar began once I received a phone call from Lisa Wheeler late May inviting me to visit the manufacturing plant. I was thrilled and open to the idea of the opportunity; I had never been on a business trip and I knew I had to accept the invitation.

During my 3 months of shadowing, I've observed that Bluestar Silicones acknowledges and understands their employees, they want to hear what people have to say.  Traveling to York, SC with Human Resources was an eye opening experience and it was most definitely my favorite part. I enjoyed meeting new people, observing the workplace, and seeing how employees communicated with one another. Bluestar is welcoming and I admire that the people here are professional and goal oriented. I believe Bluestar wants to see their employees improve, not only as employees, but as people.

I believe because of the guidance of Lisa Wheeler, Human Resource Director, and Rachel Kahan, Human Resources Specialist, I'm more aware of the things I say and how I act. My overall experience with Bluestar has taught me about becoming more self-aware in the workplace. I've learned to feel comfortable with who I am, especially when presenting myself to new people, to feel confident while I'm working and to be open to suggestions and feedback.

The company is prepared to work with their employees and they want to see them improve. Another observation that I made is that Bluestar supports healthy living which includes company events and fitness classes in order to encourage employees to be healthy and active.

My favorite task was creating and writing up employee testimonials for the company website. I think that preparing the testimonials was great practice to better my writing skills.  It also gave me an opportunity to learn more about how the organization operates. I also liked meeting new people, employees from different locations would come and work in our location.

I felt at home when I walked into Bluestar and although I only got to experience a short amount of time with the company, it was one of the most substantial experiences I've had building my professional background. I was able to establish one on one relationships which meant more learning for me! I feel I've successfully learned new information to help guide me one step closer to my future career and thank Lisa, Rachel and Bluestar for working with me to give me an awesome experience.