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https://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Careers/Pages/Carole-Jolivet.aspx2020-03-19T16:39:06ZCarole Jolivet

I never get bored. The topics differ every day, and the challenges are exciting.

After an internship, I was hired at Elkem in Research & Development before moving to technical assistance in production after several years. Elkem Silicones has the advantage of having a wide range of products with very different problems and technologies. There is a family atmosphere, despite the size of the company, which I greatly appreciate.

My department's role is to provide ongoing technical support to the production facility. Technical assistance guarantees the manufacturing process. We are in charge of guaranteeing product quality and plant productivity, while respecting EHS regulations. We are an integral part of the manufacturing team. As manager of the technical assistance team of my workshop, I pilot the technical topics of the workshop whether these are topics of continuous improvement, projects for the industrialization of new products, or for the reliability of units.

We always start the day with a 24H follow-up meeting of our units whose purpose is to review the production of the last 24 hours and to define the priorities of the day. Part of the day is devoted to monitoring the units I am responsible for. A time in the workshop is essential to stay connected with facilities and teams. Then, my day often includes quite a few working meetings or follow-up meetings on the various team topics. And when I am lucky and have the time, I dedicate myself to the more medium-term topics to be able to meet the distant future needs of the workshop.

I never get bored. The topics differ every day, and the challenges are exciting. I appreciate having some freedom of actions and being able to influence the evolution of the workshop. My work requires relationships with multiple departments (maintenance, production, supply-chain, analytics, R&D, etc.) and it is interesting to work with those who I do not work with on a day-to-day basis.