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https://silicones.elkem.com/EN/Careers/Pages/Binayak-Das.aspx2016-12-09T19:03:14ZBinyak Das

"Bluestar Silicones is the perfect place for someone looking for a challenging, fast growing environment, which offers an opportunity to take on greater responsibilities and learn cross-functional skills."

​Binyak Das

General Manager, Silicones, South Asia

I am Binayak Das and I am the General Manager for Silicones in South Asia.  I have been with Bluestar since January 2013.  With a decade of experience in the Silicone Industry, I chose to join Bluestar because I was looking for a challenging assignment in a startup organization where my previous experience and learnings could be quickly leveraged to make Bluestar Silicones a dominant player in the India region within a 5-year horizon. 

Bluestar Silicones is a company that treats employees with respect and offers fair and equal opportunities through consistent employee engagement. This provides enormous learning opportunities, which is crucial for an employee's growth and which prepares an individual for a larger role and increased responsibilities.

The experience of working in a multi-cultural organization from a remote location (India), operating from a group company (Elkem) and having different working cultures but with a clear focus on organizational vision of sustainable growth through value added specialty products is what I like best about working here.  There are challenges to overcome and Bluestar provides tools to help me be effective.  Working from a remote location and having different time zones makes working hours longer however, with the smart use of electronics and appropriate tools provided by Bluestar, communication becomes free flowing. The use of English as the formal language helps us to interact smoothly between different nationalities.  The use of Business Tools to store critical customer information and business interactions makes daily activity and reporting easier and, in case of issues, it removes the bottlenecks by escalating it to the relevant stakeholders.

Additionally, some of the benefits that I see of working here are:

  1. Diversity and Inclusiveness – our multicultural workforce consists of employees with a wide range of backgrounds, ages, races, national origins, gender and marital status helps an employee to be more "global" in his/her approach.
  2. Adaptation to Change – working from a remote location provides an opportunity to quickly adapt to all the systems and processes, which helps to make work easier and enjoyable.
  3. Organizational Growth Model – Bluestar Silicones is committed to drive sustainable and profitable growth through the value selling of innovative and tailor-made specialty products with an active engagement with relevant stakeholders. This helps us to offer innovative solutions and win customers in the market place.

One of the most interesting responsibilities I have had is leading the local operational & key business decisions towards strategic and synergistic collaboration with an Indian MNC. This will help create long-term growth drivers for India's Silicone business for Bluestar.  Simultaneously, I have also been involved as a key member on India region project which consists of cross functional global team members from Europe and Regional offices at China.

In my four years of association with Bluestar Silicones, my work and the vision to grow the India business to a sizable volume has been recognized by the Senior Leadership Team and the Regional business team at appropriate forums. This was followed by receiving series of successive recognition of Annual Growth Award during sales seminar at Hangzhou, Vietnam & Phuket.

Bluestar Silicones is the perfect place for someone looking for a challenging, fast growing environment, which offers an opportunity to take on greater responsibilities and learn cross-functional skills. It provides a great work culture, which offers individuals ample opportunities to succeed. With a relatively flat organizational structure, it encourages innovative thinking and gives everyone a chance to be heard, regardless of the seniority of the individual. The mentorship at Bluestar Silicones is simply superb, enabling the channeling of raw energy and execution of good ideas brought in by its employees.