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We are a team of professionalsbringing agile innovative solutions powered by passion because we careAt Elkem Silicones, we pride ourselves in being one of the world's leaders in fully integrated silicone manufacturing, with R&D laboratories, production sites and sales offices located in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific.We are a team of professionals




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Mix & Fix Prepares ready-to-use compounds Mix & Fix
28th Bluestar International Summer CampBluestar Summer Camp“Bonjour! Gracias! Nichts zu danken! Where are you from?28th Bluestar International Summer Camp
Reduced environmental impactreduce environmental impactSustainability report Reduced environmental impact
Innovation in healthcare marketWound CareTake a look back in recent developments Innovation in healthcare market
50 year anniversary for Elkem Chicoutimi Plant50 anniversary Chicoutimi plant ElkemThis July, Elkem’s Chicoutimi Ferrosilicon Plant will celebrate 50 years of operation since its first casting on 1 July 1967.50 year anniversary for Elkem Chicoutimi Plant
10 years as Bluestar Silicones10 years anniversaryWe are proud to announce that in 2017, we are celebrating 10 years as Bluestar Silicones and 60 years of expertise.10 years as Bluestar Silicones




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Rubber, Plastic & CompositeClose on multiple coloured cables. 1:17:28 PMPolymers helping Polymers.Polymers helping Polymers.Rubber, Plastic & Composite







Life ScienceA young boy kissing the cheek of a smiling young girl wearing a green band-aid on her forehead. 10/8/2015 3:12:26 PMSilicones help make it better.Silicones help make it better.Life Science




Textiles & LeatherClose on a black leather seat., Water-repellents and Coatings.Textiles & Leather
Electrical & Electronic our wired world.Electrical & Electronic
Art & FoundryArt foundry using silicone for the lost wax casting process. is an ideal material for use when modelling - silicone simply calls for creativity !Art & Foundry




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A Elkem Silicones Partnerships miniature from Lyon Cinema and Miniature Museum restored using Bluestar very liquid silicones.Founder and Director Dan OhlmannA Elkem Silicones Partnerships
From « Open Innovation » to high end textiles: silicone sheathed yarns and textiles on a silicon sheathed textile.From « Open Innovation » to high end textiles: silicone sheathed yarns and textiles
Silicone Membrane and Adhesive Improve Ski Skins rolled up skiskin using silicone membrane and adhesive.Global Market ManagerPierre DEFAUXSilicone Membrane and Adhesive Improve Ski Skins




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Self-Bonding Soft Skin AdhesiveSelf-Bonding Soft Skin Adhesive




Self-Bonding Soft Skin Adhesive self bonding soft skin adhesive band aid being removed.Self-Bonding Soft Skin Adhesive




UV Cure Silicone Release Coating For Printing ConvertingIndustrial printer at work on silicone coated paper.® UV POLY 120UV Cure Silicone Release Coating For Printing Converting
Liquid Silicone Rubber A smiling man making exercices with his physiotherapist to get use to his left artificial leg. do innovative silicones improve prosthetic liners? Liquid Silicone Rubber
Heavy Duty HCR for AutomotivePicture of an automotive motor. HCR (High Consistency Rubber) geared to heavy-duty auto applications Heavy Duty HCR for Automotive

 WHAT_IS_YOUR_WORLD & Electronic Science and Paper and Leather